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Friday, July 11, 2008

Congress Works Together To Make A Problem Bigger

It looks like after a long period of fighting, Congress is finally working, and heading in the same direction, straight down! Senator Dodd seems proud of the bipartisan effort. That's nice, to be proud I mean. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. What's that old saying about opinions? So what is the issue that brought our law makers together? Did it have to do with saving children, or the elderly? With making our neighborhoods safer, or more appealing. No, they decided to insure 300 billion dollars in new mortgages, helping 400,000 homeowners.

Yippee? How am I supposed to feel about this? To make matters worse, this looks like it is going to be one of a handful of times that the President and I are on the same page. President Bush has said he is going to veto the bill if there aren't major changes to it. Now I don't know what the changes are, hopefully not something that will have me back here tomorrow talking about him, but at least for now it doesn't look like it will happen. Not now, but it will happen. It's an election year.

Like I said yesterday, this campaign so far has cost a fortune, but we ain't seen nothing yet! This is where all the posturing, all the smoke, and all the mirrors disappear. Now we see up the politicians skirts and see what they are really made of. The Democrats and the Republicans are bipartisan when it comes to this issue, the issue of either gaining, or holding onto control. Sure they would agree to bail these people out, it would give them the opportunity to say, "look what we our team did for you". What a fool I am, we are paying our own mortgage!

300 billion, with a B! It is unimaginable that Congress would even think of doing this. It is time for we Americans to stand up, and in one loud voice say, "ENOUGH"! Instead of us saying great, look what they are doing to help us, we should be saying look what they are doing TO us. We can't let this happen so the politicians can jockey for position in the next election. Call someone, write someone, put on your button. Tell them no, I don't want to pay for anyone else to live in a home they knew they couldn't afford. I won't be able to afford that and pay for my own.


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Yeah, and I was pissin and moanin about a measly $300B!