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Saturday, June 7, 2008

$1 Crabs

$1 crabs have become all the rage lately. We have had them from all kinds of places, eat ins and carry outs. We've had them spicy and peppery. Because they are $1, you don't expect them to be huge, but some of them have had some pretty good heft. Going for dine in crabs that are $12 a dozen is rare! I know, I know, a lot of people say small crabs aren't worth their effort. That's cool, I didn't ask you to go with us anyway!

We have an adventure anywhere we go and strange things have a way of finding us. We went to Timber Creek on Belair Rd a ways back. The crabs were delicious and were a real mixed bag when it came to sizes. We have a set plan when we go. We get a dozen and a half crabs and 2 sodas. Life in the fast lane, right? We enjoy it! All was good in the world. Our bill comes and we obviously had gotten someone elses check. Our bill came to $30. We went up and asked the girl about it and she told us the crabs were bigger then expected, so they charged more! So much for $1 crab night! Cross them off my list.

That's OK, there is more then one way to skin a cat, and I think I've eaten in that restaurant too! Anyway, we decided to go to Port Royal, a little bit further up the road. We go in, place our order, 18 and 2. The girl comes over after about 20 minutes and tells us the steamer is down. We were able to salvage the night with a very adequate crab melt. Take 2 a few weeks later. the place is packed and this time we get our 18 and 2. The crabs are great with a nice twang with the spice. So much so that when the girl came over and asked if we wanted a refill on our sodas we both said sure. Bill time. Here our 18 and 2 came to $28. Seems our 4 sodas were $10! Cross them off too.

Service doesn't seem to be what it used to be. You would have thought someone would have come out and told use before we ate that the price had gone up. How about the waitress telling us when she asked if we wanted a refill that they weren't free refills. They were free when we had the crab melts a few weeks ago. Must be a different menu? I don't need them to chew my food for me, but I'd like the staff not to act like I was burdening them.


Jackie said...

Love your writing - keep it going!

karylc said...

$12/dozen! Are you kidding me? I paid $60/dozen last month and they weren't huge. They blamed it in the gas prices.

awb said...

Yeah man, we may get them tonight. Like I said, these aren't so big you are amazed crabs got that size, but I too have spent much more per dozen for smaller crabs. I will take pictures if we get them tonight.