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Saturday, May 24, 2008

What's in a word?

"The state of being accountable, liable, or answerable", accountability. Does it exist anymore? Do we as a people expect it, require it, do we demand it? I'd say no, not even close. We see it all around us everyday, everywhere we look. We hear people of all ages, sexes, socioeconomic levels using language that once was strictly limited to prisons, locker rooms, and baldy houses. I know all those words, I've used all those words, and used them well! I also always knew there was a price for using them in the wrong place, time, or in the wrong company. I always knew they weren't used in school, in front of a teacher, around women, and never in front of my parents. You want to hear some innovative combinations of sailor-speak, go to a high school or a place that children that age hang out. You will see kids with their pants hanging off their rears, girls in cheerleader outfits, goth wear, parochial school uniforms, and jock wear using language that would make a death row inmate blush. When did that become OK? It obviously is OK, I complained to the administrator at my child's school, he told me there was nothing that could be done. I suppose he was right, I mean what could you do, call the parents in to talk about it each time it happens if they want their child allowed back in school? You can't do that, the parents are probably busy! It's not like they see it television or anything. You can see and hear just about anything you can imagine on regular television these days. Maybe that's why you hear the whine of everyone's saying it? Kids use it in front of parents, parents in front of kids, kids in school, teachers in school. I must be odd man out? I suppose it's too much to ask that I only hear a pretty young girl talk like a trashy hooker if I go to a cat house? Could my parents keep me from doing things if they set their minds to it you ask? I'm sorry, I fell right off the chair I was laughing so hard! They sure could, and I can too with my kids. It's all done with respect. Mutual respect, but mostly with respect for the parents and knowledge that there are consequences to everything we do. I would have been a real handful if there was no penalties for not following the rules, but there were rules. More importantly, those rules were enforced. We the adults, the parents, we've gotten lazy and complacent. It's easier to look the other way, pretend it didn't happen. Why can't we take back the hallways, the athletic fields, the malls? After all, it's only a small percentage of people who talk this way. Let's band together and say enough is enough! I will supply the buttons! There was a time that to hear George Carlin use his 7 words you had to buy a ticket and go to his show. Today you just have to go to high school!

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